Nicknames: Kitten

Eyes: Green

Hair: Shoulder length Ginger hair (usualy tied up)

Features: Has a large birthmark on her face. Bagging uniform/ clothes. Kitten is small for her age and looks young.

Tattoos: Alpha pack logo on her lower back.

Type: Gene

Creature: Cat

Position/ Team Affiliation: Alpha Pack. Kitten is a Meat-bag so is usually is over-sized things.

Habits: Sleeps a lot. Purrs.

Likes/ Dislikes: Like dairy things

Kitten hates reading and water.

Her best friend is Boris and the two are often seen together.

Goes through stages where she hates Aleksei. Has a fierce Alpha pride mostly because she sees them as her new family. She often wishes she was a boy because they get to do ‘cool’ things. Main goal is to keep training to become stronger and not go back to being a weak, useless housekeepers child again. She is currently the weakest Alpha.