Wunderhein Academy: Awakening

In Wunderhein Academy, the most important rule is to stay alive. Then the girl came.

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Wunderhein Academy: Boris

Boris had lost everything. His best friend, Kitten, was gone. He was haunted by the Red-Haired ghost. To top it all off, he was deciding to leave the Alpha Pack, a team he used to adore. Then Wunderhein gave him a deal.

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Wunderhein Academy: Ivan

After his strength fails to protect people he cares about, can Ivan handle his new life as a normal citizen and uncle, or will he agree to Wunderhein's deal, leaving him a hero once more.

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Wunderhein Academy: Kitten

On the run from Wunderhein and pregnant, Kitten takes the best next thing to skip out of town. Only skipping out of town may have worse consequence when she runs into the Alpha Pack.

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Wunderhein Academy: Dmitri

To Be announced.

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